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These delicious Caramel Cookie Waffles (called 'Stroopwafels' by the Dutch) with richly filled chewy centers are one of Holland's true specialties. The syrup waffles are also known as Treacle Waffles or Caramel Cookie Waffles. It is the combination of the crispy waffle and the soft caramel filling that this waffle is loved all over the world.

The history of the Stroopwafel
The history of the Stroopwafel goes back until 1784. A baker from Gouda baked a waffle of old crumbs and spices and filled this waffle with syrup. The Stroopwafel was born. In fact the Stroopwafel was a rest product. And therefor a popular pastry among the poor. During 1784 the Stroopwafel was only known in Gouda. Nowadays every bakery in Gouda has its own recipe.

Crumbly caramel biscuits
Crumble caramel biscuits are also known as syrup waffles. They are called 'Stroopkoeken' by the Dutch. These crumble caramel biscuits are not waffles with a treacle filling but crispy cakes with a treacle in between. The caramel biscuits are available in butter and margarine quality.

Did you know....
Did you know that every Dutchman eats about 20 Stroopwafels a year!

The best way to enjoy a stroopwafel is to warm it up before you eat it. How? On top of a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea.

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