How to order?

Choose your favorite item in one of the shopping lists. Enter the quantity you like to order and press the shopping cart icon. Continue to the next page and check your order. Enter your name and address and choose your preferred type of payment. Continue to the next page. Check the information on this page carefully and confirm the order. The actual payment is arranged via our e-payment provider -Worldline-. You will receive the confirmation of your order via email.

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Shipping cost

Parcels will be shipped by the international postal services

Destination Shipping cost
EU destinations € 25.00
non-EU destinations € 35.00

Transit times

Transit times are ONLY an indication and applicable for Priority Shipping.

Destination transit time
Netherlands next day
Austria 3-4 days
Belgium 1-2 days
Denmark 2-3 days
Finland 2-5 days
France 2-3 days
Germany 2-3 days
Ireland 2-4 days
Italy 3-5 days
Norway 3-4 days
Portugal 4-6 days
Spain 3-5 days
Sweden 2-3 days
Switzerland 2-3 days
UK 2-4 days
Australia & New Zealand 6-8 days
Brazil 6-9 days
Canada 3-6 days
China 9-15 days
Hong Kong 5-7 days
Japan 4-5 days
South Africa 8-10 days
USA 3-6 days